Thursday, February 22, 2018

Keith Simpson - 2

FROM UNDER THE BONNET – Windscreen washer

Some months ago I called to see our friend and club member Gerry, who for some reason requested a peep under my Morris's bonnet (Morris Minor aficionados make strange requests).  He suddenly spied a small cylindrical shaped object close to the windscreen washer bottle and enquired about its purpose.  I explained it was an electric pump, you know to squirt water onto the windscreen. I like this latest technology!  I then revealed the switch on the dashboard which controls the pump and duly pressed it.  The pump screeched to life but no water appeared on the screen.  Gerry, still peering under the bonnet, shouted that the water bottle was filling with bubbles - a very strange phenomenon.  In an inspirational flash of memory (and I don't get many of those these days) I recalled that a couple of months previously I had reversed the polarity of the car from positive to negative earth, and as we all know D.C. motors change direction of rotation when the voltage is reversed.  I had simply forgotten the washer pump.  A quick swap of the terminal connection on the pump immediately rectified the problem, so now I had a sucker rather than a blower!

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