Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bryan Goodman

Van Restoration

I acquired this van in 2008.  On visiting a farmer friend I noticed this 1965 Morris 1000 van parked in the yard. He informed me that a family member farming in Cambridgeshire had died, and he was asked to take the van out of the way. After checking out the general condition, I decided to buy it. Body wise it was fair; the engine seized solid!! Its appearance led me to believe it had possibly been standing for at least 25 years.  It had only one previous owner. I thought at first I would just do the necessary repairs to get it on the road, at first removing the engine and gearbox, and doing necessary repairs to the cab, welding in new floor panels, inner and outer sills and other repairs where needed.  After this I decided to do a complete rebuild.  So after removing the cab and body from the chassis, rear axle and front suspension,  I was left with a bare chassis. Next was to get everything cleaned up for repair and painting.  I hired a sandblasting company to come in and sandblast the chassis, rear axle, front suspension parts and all other parts that required cleaning. I then repaired the chassis, and any other parts requiring welding, the largest job being to remove the body roof and welding in new guttering.  After that came the painting of all parts. I have completed painting the cab and chassis and I am now starting to rebuild, and seeing evidence of all my labour, but I still have a long way to go.  My aim is to get the van completed for 2013, which is the 60th anniversary of the Minor Van.  I am being driven to achieve similar, if not better, results than the van cherished by Gillian Shaw (Potteries Branch), as I have always admired that van!!!!  

I hope you enjoy the photos - if you do there will be more to follow as progress is made on the rebuild.

 Bryan Goodman

Article posted 4th March 2012