Thursday, February 22, 2018

Adam Kent-Smith

Having already been the owner of a 1969 Pick Up I was on the look out for a van when I was told about a vehicle, believed to be a van in a garage. The vehicle had been dismantled but, as with so many restoration projects, had also been abandoned.

When I finally got around to seeing the vehicle, to my disappointment I discovered it was a 1972 Pick Up. Being close to saying “Thank you, but no thank you”, the Log book appeared. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and, this being the case this time as I noticed the Pick Up was in the last 1000 to be manufactured and probably against my better judgement, a deal was done. (If only the wife knew!)

The Pick Up has been stored for a number of years while I've slowly been sourcing parts as when the restoration began I didn't want it to be held up too much.

My interest in Minors leans more towards the slightly modified or upgraded vehicles and one will be no different. Plans are in place to change the suspension to Coil Over, Escort Rear Axle, 5 link Rear Suspension, 5 Speed Gearbox with Concentric Clutch and, Vented Discs with 4 pot Callipers. The engine is currently ‘Work-in-Progress’ and yet to be finalised but will probably be an alternative engine but one in keeping with the era of the Pick Up.  A NOS chassis was discovered and purchased which has probably been the find of the Restoration to date. 

As it's the 60th anniversary of the LCV in 2013 my plan is to hopefully have it finished for the MMOC National in June but, if it overruns then August 2013 is the next date as this is when the 'Minor LCV Register' are having an event at Gaydon to celebrate the LCV's 60th anniversary.



In the meantime here are some photos of how it was when I collected it and, how it currently sits. Pictures may lead you to think it has just been started but, believe me when I say much work has already been completed and, as with many restorations, it has already revealed many surprises and challenges. It’s all meant to test both us and the finances.!!!!!

I will keep you posted on the progress of the project.

Adam Kent-Smith