Thursday, February 22, 2018

Douglas Moore

Greetings from Japan

Branch member Douglas Moore is currently living in Japan.  When asked if he had seen any Morris Minors yet he replied:

No Minors, as of yet, but a Mini pick-up is local, original Reg No AOK 621 now 0621 as the Japanese use numbers. The owner is a Mr. Aoki!  I know that Mr. Aoki's pick-up will not come out until the Spring. We met somewhere else, and I think he was a bit shocked when I told him the registration number of his car, like I was Derren Brown's uncle, or something!  Not that he knows who Derren Brown is probably, of course.

Cars are not parked in the street here, for more than a few minutes. A parking space costs 50 pounds a week, say, if you can't park it on your own plot.  Lucky, are we not?

It may sound ridiculous, but I miss Juliette. We travelled about 8000 miles together last year, and the one time she faltered, I got the RAC man to hammer the clutch rod linkage back to a right angle, and we carried on!  Best car ever made, or ever will be!

And I miss my half of Pedigree in the Greyhound once a month, and Minor Folk chatting about minors.

I think I could squeeze out a few lines, about life in Japan every now and then, and keep my camera handy in case I spot something of interest.  

Best wishes, 

Shitsurei shimasu

Douglas Moore