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Branch News - 2014

updated 14th August 2014

Wednesday 13th August - Chip Run, Market Bosworth

An impressive amount of club members and their cars met in the early evening sunshine in The Square in Market Bosworth for a chip supper and chat.


The Square was busier than expected which meant that we did attract a lot of attention from the general public, with some creative parking most were able to find a parking space, although a few moggies could be found dotted around the side streets.


As the temperature dropped and the light failed, we returned to our cars and embarked on the short journey to The Greyhound for liquid refreshment to wash down our chips. A great evening was had by all.  

Sunday 10th August - Branch Rally, Moira Furnace

Everyone was invited and fifteen cars attended along with Hurricane Bertha who was difinitely not invited. Our spirits were not dampened as we stood under our brollies and enjoyed the hospitality of the cafe until the rain finally stopped.


After lunch, some hardy souls even took a boat trip along the canal which was enjoyed by all.


Our USA Correspondent, Val

Well, my Moggie finally arrived in Jupiter on Wednesday 16th July after leaving it at Southampton 3rd week in May.
It travelled to France, Mexico and other islands before reaching Jacksonville, Florida. wish I could have been with the car, what a trip.

The agents in Jacksonville who acted for me regarding customs entry put my UK address on the forms so they initially rejected entry. After a week they finally cleared the car after my US address was entered.

The car was transported here, 270 miles and arrived in a storm, as its the rainy season but still 90°. The young man drove it to the door and said I was a first for him.

The car looks great, no damage, clean inside and out and didn't leak at all during the storms. Disappointed I couldn't take a photo due to the weather conditions on the day.

Insurance - I can't get classic car insurance rates as here they require you to also have a regular vehicle and use your classic car for shows only. So as I've not a driving record here I'm classed the same as a new 16yr old and regular insurance has cost me $1350 for 6 months (approx £800).After this time and when I have a Florida driving licence it should come down significantly.

I need to take a written and driving test soon, but their driving test is in the parking lot and not on the road.
I had to get a temporary tax to drive it to West Palm Beach regional office to have the VIN no checked with the registration.
I have now registered the car and have a Florida plate, but as their licence plates are a different shape and size i'm having a surround made for it to be mounted on so the original bolt holes are used.

I've joined the North American Morris Minor Club and attached a photo of their members card etc.
I receive mails from Tony who runs this and also Peter Plant who moved here 10 years ago with his traveller and lives near Tampa.
Both giving advice about regulations and petrol to use. It was suggested to use ethanol free gas but now saying ordinary is ok but with lead additive if you have don't have a lead free head.
They also suggest occasionally adding a can of dry gas to the tank to remove any moisture in the system. Never of this before, not sure if anyone in the club has.

I've already been asked if I want to sell it, but obviously not although I should have asked how much.

I havn't managed to find a garage nearby to rent yet, as mum doesn't have one, but its well off the road and only people who live here drive by.

As the car doesn't have air conditioning, I have two good battery fans which I will attach with velcro to the dash board.
My brother wondered if the heater in the car could be converted to cold air, perhaps members of the club might have suggestions.

Our Nothern Correspondents, Mike & Tony

Unbelievably it is almost 10 months since we got our new home although only 8 since we finally moved.  We love it here and the countryside nearby including the Forest of Bowland is a joy. The cars seem to love it too!!  For those of you who don’t know we drove them the 140 miles from Leicester last September early one sunny Sunday morning and they never missed a beat!.


We have become active members of the Lancashire Branch who have made us really welcome. The Branch is little larger than Leicester but similar in many other ways. The monthly meetings are interesting and lively with plenty of speakers and quizzes and a raffle every month.  I seem to have a knack of winning the worst prizes!

The Branch organise runs out as we did in Leicester but some of them are during the day – which may be a problem if you work (what’s work?) but they are very well attended.  One of the pictures attached is of the daytime run we did from Garstang to Thornton Clevelys near Blackpool and if you look closely at the sign you will see Blackpool signposted. We visited an old flour mill before afternoon tea in the Chairperson’s garden which was all really nice. Sixteen cars enjoyed the country lanes – just as we did in Leicestershire.

The highlight so far has to be the Branch Rally at Leighton Hall near Carnforth. Murray and Cris joined us for the weekend and enjoyed the convoy of about 20 cars up a short distance on the M6 to the Hall. The setting is stunning and something you may want to think about is that the Rally formed part of a much bigger classic event – there was no judging or prizes although a tombola was run for charity. The cars were displayed for the public to enjoy and the event was followed by a club BBQ.  It was so enjoyable with no formalities so no pressure to judge or win a class! The pens presented to everyone at the end engraved with the date of the event were a nice touch and all that was needed to complete a really great day.


We have attended other local events including steam fairs and also became involved in a parade of classic cars through Longridge, our local town, in which I was presented with a rosette for being third best car (out of 36) – the other two were rubbish (not really!!).

One thing which I really enjoy is the monthly “mechanics day” run by the club at a lock up garage near Garstang. Members can take their cars and either work on them themselves or other people will muck in and do jobs for them.  The club has a lot of parts and tools there and it is really good to mix with people and learn new skills. There is plenty of tea drunk and the meat and potato pies for lunch are worth going for on their own! Tony doesn’t do mechanics so normally enjoys the day doing other things although I have to say I was very impressed when he helped Murray put new brushes in his starter motor before Murray had to drive home after the rally!

We are off on a treasure hunt next which I am absolutely useless at so Tony is doing the clue solving whilst I drive! As we are still new to the area we could end up anywhere!

Well I think that is all the news.  It goes without saying that if anyone wants to visit us they will be very welcome and may get roped in to one of the events!

Saturday 12 - Sunday 13th July - Rempstone Steam Fair

This was the 10th anniversary of our club stand at Remstone and once again Saturday saw our annual tombola, with all procedes going to Rainbows Childrens Hospice. We raised a respectable of £60 and had a lot of fun at the same time. The weather stayed fair for both days, apart from a spell of rain on Sunday morning with club members taking shelter in Murray & Cris's caravan until once again we were blessed with sunshine.


This was a great weekend with lots of classic cars, motorcycles and stalls. The traction engines are something else, if you think you've got your work cut out looking after your Moggie then think again! These things take some serious looking after!! 

Wednesday 9th July - Club Night at the Greyhound

The aim for this months meeting was to finalise plans for our branch rally at Moira Furnace on the 10th of August. The meeting was delayed somewhat, as it was such a lovely evening, we spent some time in the car park with our Moggies before finally sitting down to do business. We are a car club after all! It was great to be joined by new members, who we look forward to seeing again soon.

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th June 2014 - Natioal Rally Kelmarsh Hall

As per usual our stand on Branch Avenue was well attended by branch members and their cars, it was great to catch up with friends from other branches. Just to add a little more competition, we were located next door to the concours stand, our cars looked just as good as theirs, especially during a long spell of rain on Saturday.


The photos below show a couple of shady blokes from the north trying to blag a cuppa and a couple of shady blokes from the midlands sheltering from the rain!


Sunday being the day for judging, saw an improvement in the weather and an increase in the general attendance. Its always good to see the different modifications that people carry out on their cars. (note the interesting roof rack below). Many an hour was passed looking through the auto jumble, with club members taking the opportunity to pick up parts for restoration projects and save a few quid spares for sevicing etc.


Wednesday June 11th 2014 - Whats Under Your Lid?

Once again the weather was fine and an impressive number of Morris Minors were to be seen in the Greyhound Car park with their lids up. It was great to see the different modifications that members had made to their Moggies, especially the different ideas that people had come up with to utilise that spare space under the bonnet. A great evening was had by all.


Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th May 2014 - Moira Canal Festival

Four branch members attended along with 4000 others. Once again the weather was kind and a great time was had by all.


Wednesday May 14th 2014 - Car Run 1

On a lovely late spring evening, eleven Morris Minors plus one modern car embarked on a twenty mile journey around the leafy lanes of Leicestershire. We left the Greyhound just after 8.00pm and sped off into the sunset where we received waves and admiring glances from passers by and other road users. The roads were quiet so we all returned to the pub together for a well deserved drink.


Wednesday March 12th 2014 - Annual Pre-Season Meal

At last spring is here, so our March meeting saw the Leicestershire Branch members dust off their Moggies in preparation for our Annual Pre-Season Meal at the Greyhound.


A very enjoyable evening was well attended by members new and old, a big thank you to John, Julie and Ann for making the event such a huge success.

Wednesday February 12th 2014 - AGM

On a wet windy evening we had a great turnout for our AGM. A massive thanks to those Committee members who stepped in to cover for our Chairman who was otherwise engaged and thank you to those committee members who were re-elected. For our new committee for 2014 see 'Our Committee' page.

The Greyhound provided another hearty buffet, thanks to Rob and his staff.

Next month is our 'Launch the Season Meal', which means that Spring is just around the corner.

Wednesday January 8th 2014 - New Year Meeting

As our usual meeting room at the back of the Greyhound was out of action due to a boiler malfunction, our meeting was held inside the pub creating a nice cosy atmosphere. A big thanks to Rob, the new landlord, for making us so welcome. 

We took the opportunity to start to make plans for the coming season by adding a few dates to our 2014 calendar which you will find on the Club Events section of our highly informative website. Please keep a close eye on it as it will be updated throughout the year.